Know the Reasons and Conditions of Truancy

Truancy is absence from school or job and truant is the person who skips his office or a student who is absent from his classes. In order to understand why truancy occurs we need to investigate the problem and reasons.

There are a number of reasons for the truancy in children. Some of them make lame excuses to bunk their studies but some children are victims of bullying at school, which leads them to truancy. Bullying at school creates a school phobia. Providing your kids with walkie talkies can to alert you when they are being bullied, or to check up that they are at school.

School phobia is not something that we may hear often but it can be identified with symptoms present in a child. The child with school phobia might have same symptoms like anxiety. Due to this condition, the child may have headaches, perspiration and abdominal cramps. Many children might start vomiting and feel genuinely ill.

For a few children school phobia becomes a real problem because they become a victim of severe symptoms of depression. Kicking and screaming or extreme behavior including temper tantrums become the major cause of truancy and permanent unbearable condition for the parents.

Many parents and people have skeptical behavior towards the child who plays truant. According to the psychologists, this medical condition is usually seen within those individuals who might have suffered some painful events in their past. It is not at all strange for the doctors to treat children belonging to caring families become a victim of truancy and school phobia. If the symptoms become severe, the child should be taken to a psychologist immediately to determine the cause by further investigation and treatment.

Many schools hire the services of a truant officer who would use a walkie talkie to assess and stop children from bunking the school. The truant officer investigates and finds out if the child is habitual of skipping his classes or just making excuses. He also asserts other reasons such as bulling by an older child in the school. Some schools have employed ex-police officers to resume the duties of a truancy officer for their schools. These officers make it sure, that the child understands the importance of attending the classes.

The reaction and role of the parents contributes a lot to prevent truancy in school. They should try to understand the problem the child might be facing at school to eliminate the causes of truancy. Parents of children who play truant should be very careful in judging the child if he is making lame excuses or truly infected with school phobia.